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Faro Luna Scuba Diving Center
 Location  Back
The Faro Luna Diving Center is 11 miles (18 km) east of downtown Cienfuegos, on Cuba’s south-central coast, near the lighthouse that signals the entrance to Cienfuegos harbor. This city is adjacent to one of the Caribbean’s largest and cleanest deep-water pocket bays.
Cienfuegos also has an airport that receives charter flights from Havana, Varadero and other cities.
If you wish to reach this center by sea, please check the Puertosol Cienfuegos Marina page.
 Diving Sites  Back
This area features 23 exciting diving sites.

 Equipment  Back
  • Fleet: Two taxi motorboats
  • Compressor: One kap-14 Bauer
  • Cylinders (tanks): 10 and 12 liters of compressed air
 Capacity  Back
This diving center has capacity for 70 divers per day.
 Courses  Back
  • Initiation (resort)
  • Open-water
  • Advanced
 Instructors  Back
This center has three instructors certified by ACUC.
 Accommodations  Back
  • Hotel Faro Luna
 Dive Accident Facilities  Back
  • Emergency medical care is provided at the diving center and on-board oxygen is available in all boats. As set forth in the center’s rescue and resuscitation plan, injured divers are taken by ambulance to the city of Cárdenas, in Matanzas Province, where the nearest hyperbaric chamber is.
  •  Open-water Potential  Back
    This diving area has precipitous channels with diving depths raging between 13 and 40 meters. There are places with large formations of corals where several marine species are part of the coral reefs. One can also see schools of beautiful small fish, which attract underwater photographers
    . At the area near the channel that gives access to the bay, an astonishingly colossal coral formation was found. It was named La Dama del Caribe (The Lady of the Caribbean). This area is rich with an incomparably large amount of colorful animal and plant species. Pelagic fishes such as whale sharks can also be found here.
     Other Services  Back
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Marina Services
    • Anchoring
    • Water and Fuel Services
    • Police Station
    • Migration Paperwork
    • International Communication Services
    • Diving Gear Rental
     Additional Info  Back
    The waters at this diving destination are known for their tranquility and high underwater visibility. Diving sites feature massive coral formations separated by deep, precipitous channels with sandy bottoms. At some sites the corals have grown in reefs that reach the surface. In addition to the wide variety of corals, divers can find abundant fish, lobsters and crabs, and 8 wrecks to explore.
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