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Scuba Diving Centers List
 Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center
 Trinidad Diving Resorts
  • This Caribbean diving destination’s waters are bright blue and crystal-clear.
  • There are underwater tunnels rich with corals, sponges and sea fans. The entrances to these tunnels are at 25 meters and the exits, at 50 meters.
  • This diving area provides access to one of Cuba’s longest coral reefs.
For details and online reservations
Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center
 Cayo Santa Maria Scuba Diving Center
 Cayo Santa Maria Diving Resorts
  • The major attraction in this diving area is the enormous variety and amount of fish as a result of its proximity to the Bahamas Trench.
  • Tarpons, snappers, groupers, jacks, pompanos, spadefish, tiny coral fish, and many others, make divers feel as if they were in an aquarium
  • An 11 miles (17 km) causeway connects the cay to the mainland
For details and online reservations
Cayo Santa Maria Scuba Diving Center
 Faro Luna Scuba Diving Center
 Cienfuegos Diving Resorts
  • This diving area features gigantic coral formations.
  • At some sites in this area the corals have grown in reefs that reach the surface.
  • Diving courses for all skill levels are available, with international certificates.
For details and online reservations
Faro Luna Scuba Diving Center
 Jardines Del Rey International Scuba Diving Center
 Jardines del Rey Diving Resorts
  • This center is located in a “special protected zone”, a paradise for diving lovers.
  • This diving destination, which runs parallel to Cuba’s north coast, has captivating barrier reefs, sand dunes of up to 15 meters, big rocky juts and coral walls.
  • Divers can swim along the routes that U.S. writer Ernest Hemingway followed when he swam in this area.
For details and online reservations
Jardines Del Rey International Scuba Diving Center
 La Aguja Scuba Diving Center
 Havana Diving Resorts
  • Conveniently located in the Hemingway Marina, this diving center is within striking distance from all other tourist resorts in Havana.
  • Its pristine waters remain crystal-clear and nicely warm all year-round.
  • In this area, the island platform’s waters gradually deepen as they approach the ocean drop-off.
For details and online reservations
La Aguja Scuba Diving Center
 María La Gorda Scuba Diving Center
 Playa María La Gorda Diving Resorts
  • Only 0.6 miles (1 km) from the shoreline, this diving area’s reef is considered one of Cuba’s best.
  • This area has been declared a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
  • Rich with varied marine species, coral reefs and a well-preserved sea floor, this diving destination also makes an ideal site for snorkeling.
  • The Valle de Coral Negro, an extension of over 100 meters of black coral walls, and the Salón de María, an 18-meter-deep cave abounding with plume worms, are unrivaled spots for snorkeling in this area.
For details and online reservations
María La Gorda Scuba Diving Center
 Playa Larga Scuba Diving Center
 Playa Girón-Playa Larga Diving Resorts
  • A special attraction for the diver here are the on-shore water holes, not far from the sea, known as Cenotes.
  • In this area’s warm translucent waters visibility ranges between 35 and 50 meters (135 and 200 feet).
  • The off-shore diving zone, about 18 miles (30 km) long, can be reached without boats as it is no more than 100 meters from the shoreline.
For details and online reservations
Playa Larga Scuba Diving Center
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