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How to get to Cuba from the United States?
No visa needed. You only need a valid US passport and a Cuban tourist card that you can buy at a travel agency or at the Airlines. There are direct charter flights from Los Angeles (Saturdays, New York (Fridays), and Miami (every day) but these are only for people traveling with U.S. government licenses. Our visitors from the U.S. mostly come without licenses and Transfer for flights to Havana in Nassau, Montego Bay, Mexico City, Canada or Cancun, depending on their point of departure in the U.S. Normally they arrange their tickets to and from the transfer airport, and we arrange prepaid tickets for the flights to Havana and back.
From Washington DC?
The fastest and cheapest way from D.C. is via Nassau, Bahamas or Montego Bay, Jamaica. You can also travel from Canada. You should arrange your flight tickets and we arrange accommodations, transportations and all the excursions you need in Cuba. In the near future we will arrange pre-paid Nassau-Havana-Nassau tickets that you can pick up at the Nassau airport. You should buy your tourist card at a Travel Agency or at the Airline Offices, where you make the check in to travel to Cuba.
From Los Angeles CA?
The best way from Los Angeles, California is via Mexico City or Cancun. You should arrange your flight tickets Los Angeles-Mexico City- Los Angeles and we can arrange your prepaid tickets Mexico City-Havana-Mexico City or Cancun-Havana-Cancun. You should buy your tourist card at Maxicana Airline in Mexico City or at Aerocaribe Airline in Cancun.
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