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Media on
Cuba reaches the first million tourist in 2004

May 31, 2004

WITH particular satisfaction, our country has received one million visitors up until May 30 this year. In 2002 this total was achieved on July 29 and in 2003 on June 29. These results make it possible that the two-million figure could be reached by the end of the year for the first time in the island’s history of tourism.

There was a sustained growth in the arrival of visitors during the high season, 11.8% up on the last year, and a similar pattern was observed in May. These figures were reached despite the anti-Cuban campaigns and the enemy’s efforts to negatively affect our tourism industry.

As a tourist destination in the Caribbean Cuba is arousing steadily greater expectations, confirming that our visitors are opting for a tourism of peace, health and proven security.

The indices and development of Cuban tourism are closely linked to the work of tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and associated hotel chains, the press and communicators.

The agencies within the Cuban tourism sector and their workers have their share in this result, while renewing their commitment to greater efficiency at the height of their noble and important task.

Ministry of Tourism

May 30, 2004

U.S. prevents its fishing enthusiasts from participating

June 1, 2004


DESPITE the U.S. government’s fierce, unjust opposition and blockade, one of the most important sporting events of the Cuban calendar – the Ernest Hemingway International Game Fishing Tournament – is set to take place from June 3-6, involving 17 boats with friends from six different countries competing.

According to a press statement by Commodore José M. Díaz Escrich, director of Havana’s International Hemingway Nautical Club, more than 2,000 sports fishing enthusiasts received intimidating letters from the Treasury Department this year.

This further affects the competitions and friendships between U.S. and Cuban practitioners of the sport given that it is well known that the majority of competitors arrive here from the United States.

“This tournament, although more modest than in previous years when 50 vessels have participated, will not be any less impressive or important. The International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) has already approved it as a qualifying event for the final scoring of the sporting year,” affirmed Díaz Escrich.

Communicating with Díaz Escrich, the international nautical community has totally rejected the U.S. government’s measures against Cuba and is demanding that the island should be maintained as it is today: the organizer of marvelous game fishing events and a friend to the thousands of U.S. enthusiasts who have visited the island over the years to take part in fraternal competitions.

The organizers of the current competition commented that another two important events that traditionally take place from the island each year – the International Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament from September 20-25 and the International Wahoo Fishing Tournament from November 8-12 – are set to take place in Cuba with, as always, an open invitation to the worldwide sports fishing community.

One of the main reasons that these important fishing events take place in the Cuban archipelago is for the exceptional conditions provided by its geographical position embracing the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream and the Caribbean Sea as well as the large and varied populations of game fish.

Besides this, the Marina Hemingway – to the northeast of the Cuban capital – provides 400 moorings, over 180 with on-board facilities, and more than 500 rooms in modern hotels in the Marina area.

© Copyright. 1996-2004. All rights reserved. GRANMA INTERNATIONAL/ONLINE EDITION. Cuba.


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