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Campertour Campers
  1. The Offer, now 5% off
  2. Rental procedure, Initial deposits and Insurance
  3. Additional information
  4. Cuban driving regulations
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The Offer offers you the chance to explore Cuba at your own pace, like a snail, carrying your house on your back. You can decide when and where to go in a Campertour camper with capacity for four adults and two children. It gives you all the comforts of home, easy parking and access to all the necessary services in the most diverse locations of Cuba.

The Mercedes Benz Diesel campers have the following advantages:
  • Spring water capacity of 200 L.
  • Gas tank capacity of 80 L, Diesel for 600 kms.
  • Two fixed beds and one mobile.
  • A first aid cabinet.
  • Shelves and closet space, as well as a safe
  • A centralized control panel for the various functions.
  • In the designated parking areas you will have access to water, electricity, and an ecological septic depository, as well as shops, restaurants medical services, bike and horse rentals and other recreational activities.
  CUBAMAR Viajes          
  All prices are in CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos)        
  HIGH SEASON:  January, February, July 15th to August 31st, December 15th to 31st    
  Model Capacity 1 to 3 days 4 to 7 days 8 to 15 days More than 15 days  
  Mercedes Benz Super Bring 670 6 170,00 160,00 150,00 140,00  
  Mercedes Benz Europeo 7 180,00 170,00 160,00 150,00  
  Ford Super Bring 6 180,00 170,00 160,00 150,00  
  Medium Season:  March, April, July 1st to 15th, December 1st to 14th    
   Model Capacity 1 to 3 days 4 to 7 days 8 to 15 days More than 15 days  
  Mercedes Benz Super Bring 670 6 155,00 145,00 140,00 130,00  
  Mercedes Benz Europeo 7 165,00 155,00 145,00 135,00  
  Ford Super Bring 6 160,00 150,00 140,00 130,00  
  Low Season:  May, June, September, October y November      
  Model Capacity 1 to 3 days 4 to 7 days 8 to 15 days More than 15 days  
  Mercedes Benz Super Bring 670 6 140,00 135,00 125,00 115,00  
  Mercedes Benz Europeo 7 145,00 140,00 130,00 120,00  
  Ford Super Bring 6 155,00 145,00 135,00 125,00  
For your Campertour rental, please fill in the following form and add it to the Travel Pak.
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Clear Add to travel pak
Note: Please reserve your camper at least 15 days ahead of time.
Procedures for camper rental
Once your request for reservation of a camper has been confirmed you will get an invoice for the full rental cost (but not including the deposit or insurance) and that amount must be deposited into the bank account at least 10 days before the rental date. You will then inform the Reservation Agent right away that payment has been made so that your rental can be guaranteed for the date and pick up hour you have requested.

On your arrival in Cuba, you will go to the Cubamar rental office where a voucher for the rental already paid in your name will be waiting for you. You will sign a contract directly with the rental agency and pay the additional costs that are not included in the rental price (see details below).

What the daily camper rental includes?

  • 24 hours of camper usage
  • Free mileage
  • Parking in specified locations
  • Mobile phone
  • Air-conditioning
  • Gas stove
  • Fridge
  • Radio/tape-recorder
  • Water heater
  • Linens
  • Safe
  • Road map

What is not included in the camper daily rental payment?You will have to pay an additional fee to the Campertour rental office, which covers:

  • Insurance policy for the vehicle: If you do not have a driver´s licence or if you have an accident due to alcohol or drug consumption, you will not be reimbursed by the insurer.
  • Guarantee deposit: The deposit will be refunded in full upon return of the vehicle, if the camper has not been damaged.d.
  • Fuel: You pay for all your fuel, including the gas already in the tank when you pick up the camper.
  • You pay for all telephone calls made on the mobile phone
  • Cooking set: The cost of renting this equipment is $15 US (not dependent on the number of days of your rental).

What does the insurance policy cover?

  • It covers all accidents that are not the fault of the customer. In any case where the accident is the fault of the customer, the customer must pay up the first $350 US. In order to make a valid insurance claim you must present the police report of the accident to the camper rental agency.
  • Total theft if the vehicle was locked and you still have the key. If you do not have the key, the theft will not be covered by the insurance.
  • Damage to third parties
  • The insurance policy does not cover the theft of tires or tape-recorders, nor collisions with animals
Additional information
Parking lots for the auto caravans
Parking lot facilities Place Province
 Dos Hermanas Camping
(Campismo Dos Hermanas)
Viñales Valley
(Valle de Viñales)
 Pinar del Río
 María la Gorda Scuba Diving Center (Centro de Buceo María la Gorda)  La Bajada  Pinar del Río
 Las Terrazas Tourist Resort
(Complejo Turístico Las Terrazas)
 Sierra del Rosario  Pinar del Río
Escaleras de Jaruco Camping Alturas de Jaruco La Habana
El Abra Villa
(Villa El Abra)
Jibacoa, North Coast
(Litoral Norte)
La Habana
Hotel Playa Larga Ciénaga de Zapata Matanzas
Parque Josone Varadero Varadero
Guajimico Km. 42 Cienfuegos-Trinidad Road Cienfuegos
Hotel Ciego de Ávila Ciego de Ávila City Ciego de Ávila
Plata Cantú Escambray Counterfort (Estribaciones del Escambray) Sancti Spiritus
María Dolores Farm
(Finca María Dolores)
Trinidad Trinidad
Hotel Vita Club Caracol Santa Lucía Beach Camagüey
Club Amigos de Guardalavaca Santa Lucía Beach Camagüey
Hotel Camagüey Camagüey City Camagüey
Villa Bayamo Manzanillo Road Granma
Villa Las Coloradas Niquero Granma
Hotel San Juan Siboney Road Km. 1 ½ Santiago de Cuba
Hotel Versalles Altura de Versalles Km 1, Morro Road Santiago de Cuba


  • Pay special attention in tunnels and places with bushes and low cables. Pay attention to traffic signals.
  • When leaving the camper, make sure that the windows that open on the outside are latched; they can be blown open by the wind.
  • Keep the camper in a safe and well-lit place and always put your belongings out of sight when you are leaving the camper; We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items.
  • Make sure you check the vehicle yourself when receiving and returning the vehicle.
  Cuban Regulations For Driving
  • The minimum age for driving is 21 years.
  • In Cuba we drive on the right hand side of the road and we use standard international traffic signs.
  • The speed limit on Cuban highways is seldom more than 100 km/hr.
  • The use of seat belts is highly recommended.
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