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Welcome to our Travel Guide page!
Here is a list of our suggested travel guides to Cuba. An excerpt accompanies each book to help you decide which one suits your needs best. No matter whether you plan to travel to Cuba shortly or at some point in the future, these guides will certainly help you add to your knowledge of this beautiful and controversial country. In association with
Moon Handbooks: Cuba 2 Ed, Author Christopher Baker, Moon Travel Handbooks, Nov 30th 2000.
670 pages, 2nd edition
60 photos. 65 illustrations. 75 maps

Cuba Handbook is a practical guide including details on Cuban history, from the slave trade to the US embargo. It is a must if you are seeking information on how to obtain an entry visa, where to stay, and what to eat. It also provides extensive information on Cuba's beaches, Hemingway memorials, and Revolution museums. This is an excellent guide for those who enjoy sailing, golf, bird watching, scuba diving, and Cuban baseball; ballet, cabarets, and the ubiquitous beat of salsa throbbing in the night air. It also includes unparalleled coverage of how US citizens can work around the flight ban.
Excerpt taken from´s Editorial Review.
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  Moon Handbooks: Havana (1st Ed.) Havana Handbook, Author Christopher Baker, Moon Travel Handbooks, Emeryville, California, 2000. 370 pages

Moon's new Havana Handbook covers a wide array of spots in Havana, from Old Havana's colonial plazas to the monuments of the Plaza de la Revolución. For travelers seeking to visit Hemingway's haunts, to try good international and Cuban cuisine, or to revel the night away in the Tropicana nightclub, Christopher P. Baker opens the doors to the Cuban capital.
Havana Handbook equips travelers with all the necessary information that ensures an unparalleled experience in this hotter-than-ever travel destination.

Excerpt taken from´s Editorial Review.
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  Bicycling Cuba: Fifty Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to Pinar Del Rio and the Oriente, authors Wally Smith & Barbara Smith, Countryman Pr, November 2002. 328 pages.

In this delightful and very practical guide, the authors outline, kilometer by kilometer the best places to eat, sleep, sightsee, and even avoid. The text is divided into five parts: "In and Out of Havana," "Pinar del Rio," "Central Cuba," "The Oriente," and "Connecting the Regions of Cuba." The authors sum it up best in their introduction: "If you come to Cuba looking for evidence of a police state, inefficient bureaucracy, and dissatisfied people, you can find it. If you look for evidence of a uniquely idealistic society in which people have a strong sense of community, respect their government, and are trying to solve problems without sacrificing the achievements of their revolution, you can find that too. Let's ride!"
Editorial review from Library Journal.
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  Lonely Planet Cycling Cuba (Cycling), Authors Rosa Jordan & Derek Choukalos, Lonely Planet, February 2002, 280 pages.

"Cycling Cuba" steers riders along 42 of Cuba’s best cycling routes, and offers a wealth of suggestions to make the journey a smooth and exciting experience. Cyclists will be seduced by the vibrant Latin culture, amazing scenery and lush tropical beaches of this island country.
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  Lonely Planet Cuba (Lonely Planet Cuba), author David Stanley, Lonely Planet Publications, July 1999. 448 pages 2 edition (July 2000)
60 maps

Let this be your guide to the heady nightlife of Old Havana, powdery white sands bathed by crystal-clear waters, and forest paths treaded by Cuban fighters for independence a generation ago. Whether you wish to visit sites sacred to Santería or stroll Trinidad's colonial streets, this book will prove a fine partner.
It includes a complete coverage of peso hotels, private rooms for rent, and upscale resorts, plus notes on musical hot spots, from folk music festivals to '50s-style jazz clubs. Use this guide's tips on the tastiest street food and the most extravagant eateries in Cuba. It includes special tips for US citizens.

Excerpt taken from Lonely Planet
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  Fodor's Exploring Cuba 2 Ed (Fodor's) January 9th, 2001, by Fodor.

Recently updated, this book provides travelers with full coverage of Cuban history and culture, and serves as an unmatched guide to itineraries, hikes and excursions, architecture and art; as well as to where to stay, where to eat, where go and what to pack. It contains plenty of practical information!
"Authoritatively written and superbly presented.. Worthy reading before, during, or after a trip." -Philadelphia Inquirer

"Absolutely gorgeous. Fun, colorful, and sophisticated." -Chicago Tribune

Excerpt taken from a reader at´s Editorial Review.
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  Diving & Snorkeling Cuba (Diving & Snorkeling Guides.), Oct.,1999, by Diana Williams.
144 pages, 16 maps

Discover an abundance of marine life and world-class diving sites in Cuba's reefs, wrecks and walls. From the underwater valleys at Isla de la Juventud, Cuba's most popular diving destination, to the playground of wrecks, off the coast of Varadero, there is something in Cuba's warm and exceptionally clear waters that will surely catch the eye of all types of divers. This guide describes 61 of Cuba's best diving sites, with background briefings on history, culture, and politics. Full-color pictures abound from cover to cover.
In this book you will find specific information on diving depths, access to diving sites, and water conditions, common and hazardous marine life, and numerous activities ranging from hikes to nightclubs, plus a comprehensive list of diving services.

Excerpt taken from Lonely Planet
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  The Cruising Guide to Cuba, author Simon Charles, St. Petersburg, Fl: Cruising Guide Publications, 1997. 360 pages, 2nd Edition

The Cruising Guide To Cuba is a first-person narrative providing detailed information on Cuba's coasts, coastal cities, ports, and harbors-about ninety percent of what is worth seeing in Cuba. Written as a memoir reflecting local color and common daily situations described extensively to place the reader in Cuba, at the docks, talking with friendly Customs guards or with mechanics, this book can be read just as a novel.

Excerpt taken from a reviewer at
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