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Cuban Restaurants
 La bodeguita del medio 

La bodeguita del medio
Empedrado # 207., Old Havana
Tel: 537 866 8857
Type: Creole/Caribbean
Open: noon-midnight
The famous restaurant that ernest hemingway visited ,whose walls are decorated with signatures of celebrities and unknown people, offers you its famous 'mojitos' as well as its 'criolla' food. The actual food is generally a bit of a letdown. The place is worth stopping by for a mohito in the attached bar . The restaurant does retain a certain ambience even though the best tables are reserved for Sammy Davis Junior amongst others.

Al Medina 

Al Medina
Calle Oficios #12, entre Obispo y Obrapía., Old Havana
Tel: 537 867 1041
Type: Eastern (Lebanese)
Open: noon-midnight
Al Medina opened a few years ago as a Middle Eastern restaurant housed inside a lovely 17th-century building which was formerly a boys school. The menu features a large collection of meze dishes, grilled chicken and other staple Lebanese dishes including falafel and humus. Good for a light lunch or dinner if you fancy a change. The courtyard is very pleasant to eat in.

Café del Oriente 

Café del Oriente
Calle Oficios #112, corner Amargura, Plaza San Fransisco., Old Havana
Tel: 537 860 6686
Type: Spanish
Open: 8. 30am-midnight
The Café del Oriente is a bit self-consciously grand, but the service is excellent and the majority of dishes very well cooked. The café menu downstairs differs from that of the upstairs restaurant, but if you’d like to see both menus the staff are flexible from serving from either one of them on both floors. In general there’s perhaps a tad too much emphasis on fruity additions to savoury dishes, but the Café’s Filet Mignon melts in the mouth and the Caesar Salad’s the best we’ve tasted on either side of the Atlantic.

Café Taberna 

Café Taberna
Calle Mercaderes, esquina Brasil., Old Havana
Tel: 537 671 1637
Type: Cuban/Creole
Open: noon-midnight
Located on the corner of Plaza Vieja this restaurant is dedicated to the revered musician Benny Moré. The band, memorabilia and general decor create a lively and popular atmosphere which makes it a good option if you like his music. The food is pretty average with the house speciality of lobster and shrimps typically overpriced and upsold.

Casona de 17 

Casona de 17
Calle 17 # 60, entre M y N., Vedado
Tel: 537 838 3136 537 835 3117
Type: Creole
Open: Open noon-midnight daily
This painted, peach-coloured 1920s mansion has two indoor colonial-style dining rooms and an outdoor grill restaurant. , Both offer healthy-sized traditional Creole dishes which are reasonable value without being of exceptional quality. The inside dining room may leave you somewhat cold, it misses that x factor which is a shame since the décor including stained-glass ceiling lamps and contemporary paintings is impressive.

Castillo de Farnés 

Castillo de Farnés
Avenida de Bélgica (Monserrate), esquina Obrapía., Old Havana
Tel: 537 867 1030
Type: Cuban/Creole
Open: noon-midnigh
There are not many signs of a restuarant hidden behind the busy bar which is open 24 hours. This was apparently one of Fidel’s favourite hangouts after the Revolution. Now as an average Spanish-Cuban restuarant serving the normal criolla fare there is nothing to really recommend it but equally not so terrible either.

Chung Shan Los dos dragones 

Chung Shan Los dos dragones
Calle Dragones # 311 altos, entre Rayo y San Nicolás., Center Havana
Tel: 537 672 0909
Type: Cuban/Chinese
Open: noon-10.30pm
On a backstreet one block from Zanja, this Chinese cultural association is named after a town in Guangdong province in southern China. The cool, spacious restaurant has great service, and is always full of Cubans. Expect good-quality dishes-all the Cuban favourites, as well as a few Chinese classics.

El Aljibe 

El Aljibe
ave. 7ma. e/ 24 y 26. Miramar., Playa
Tel: 537 204 1583
Type: Cuban/Caribbean
Open: noon-midnight
El Aljibe is one of the busiest restaurants in Havana, catering to the business and diplomatic crowd as well as to many large tour groups. The reason for the steady stream of clients is the best Creole food in Cuba; rice, beans and chicken really do not get any better than this .The atmosphere is provided by palm leaf/bamboo themed designs, attractive during the day.

El Conejito 

El Conejito
Calle M, entre 17 y 19., Vedado
Tel: 537 832 4671
Type: Creole
Open: noon-11pm
If you want to eat rabbit this is the place to go. A good quality state run restaurant set in a 1960s redbrick exterior which belies a 17th-century Tudor mansion replica. The restaurant opened in 1966 and its style was an idea of Fidel‘s powerful personal secretary Celia Sánchez. The mushroomy Conejo Financiera ($8) is recommended.

El Patio 

El Patio
San Ignacio #54, Plaza de la Catedral., Old Havana
Tel: 537 671 1034
Type: cuban
Open: noon-midnight
It is opened facing the 'plaza de la catedral' (cathedral square), that majestic palace with stone columns offers you a nourishing food. El Patio was formerly an 18th-century colonial palace and is located on one of Havana’s most picturesque squares (Plaza de Catedral). There is no better place for people watching and is the perfect place for a drink any time of day or night. A good band plays most of the day. Unfortunately the food is somewhat overpriced and unspectacular. If you don’t care about the money spend 20 bucks on a pepper steak and sit back and enjoy.



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