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Car Rental Reservation
Middle category
Emgrand EC718 - Number of doors: 5
- Number of gears: 5
- Engine litres: 2.0
- Horse Power: 180
- Number of seats: 5
- Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 ltr
- Top Speed (km/h): 225
- Transmission: Manual
- Number of cylinders: 4
- Fuel Type: Petrol
- Driven Wheels: Front Wheel Drive
- Air Condition: Yes
Emgrand EC718
Starting at: US $84.00
Reserve Emgrand EC718 now !
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Aditional Information

Our providers do not confirm car models but categories, so instead of this model, you can receive a similar model for your reservation, depending on availability.
The person who rents a car must pay:
- all reservations confirmed at international airports will be charged with a supplement of US $25.00, which will be paid upon signing the contract to rent a car.
- all additional charges, including daily insurance (US $19.00), fuel, etc.
- US $315.00 as a guarantee deposit.
- in case of damage, up to US $450.00 can be deducted if the insurance was accepted and the client was responsible for the damage.
-Insurance does not cover the theft of all 5 tires and sound equipment, which must be paid at the price set by the car-rental company, regardless whether the client is responsible or not
- US $4 daily for additional driver (other than the one signing the contract).
- Supplement for empty return
Persons who have not been authorized in the contract cannot drive the car. If the client breaks this clause, he/she will have to pay a fine of US $65.00 or the contract can be cancelled. In addition, in case of an accident when a non-authorized person is driving the car, the client will automatically lose his/her right to the insurance.
The vehicle can only be filled with special gasoline.
In case the client loses or damages the contract, the provider will fine him/her with US $65.00 for any of the copies. If the client loses the two copies, the yellow one and the blue one, he/she will have to pay US $65.00 per each of them.
If the period agreed upon in the contract expires and the client does not request an extension, he/she will be charged for each day overdue according to the tariff per extra day without extension and according to the public tariff. In addition, if the client has an accident, regardless whether he/she is guilty or not, and he/she reports it twelve hours after the contract expires, he/she will have to pay for all the damages and will be charged for the extra day without insurance. In case of an accident, or total or partial theft, he/she must report it to the nearest Cubacar office and to the police, which will confirm whether the client is guilty or not.
The car must be dropped off before or on the time agreed upon in the contract. If the client breaks this clause, he/she will be charged for each extra hour (1-5 hours) as 1/5 of the rent, according to the 1-6-day tariff. If the client is more than 6 hours late, he/she will have to pay the equivalent to an extra day without extension. An extra hour begins 59 minutes after the contract expires.
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